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UNITY SPIRITUAL CENTER 3233 S Kauffmann RdSpringfield, MO 65807

Our Mission Statement

Our church family promises to provide a nurturing environment where everyone can participate as we grow spiritually in our personal lives, our community, and our world.


We are blessed to have ministry teams that make it possible for Unity Spiritual Center to offer all our services to our community.


A dedicated Board of Trustees gives freely of time, talent and energy to general operations, building and grounds improvement, and to the expanding consciousness and growth of our beloved Center.

All activities, classes, presentations, and services are open to the public.

Unity Spiritual Center Services and Organizatoins


Adult Study Class Sundays 9:30 AM
Worship Service Sundays 11:00 AM
Youth Education, Y.O.U. Sundays 10:55 AM
Prayer Service Wednesdays 11 - 11:30 AM (call for information)

Prayer Circle

Special Services for
Home Blessings
Hospital and Home Visits
Personal Consultations (by appointment)


Unity Spiritual Center was founded in the belief that communities must learn to help themselves. Our work is founded on the following four pillars of faith:


  • A duty to reach out to the less fortunate
  • An obligation to lead by example
  • An all-inclusive approach: We help everyone regardless of their religious beliefs
  • Acceptance of the fact that we, too, may someday require assistance in our time of need


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What Keeps Us Going



This is a light that shines from a window in the Silent Unity building. In terms of candlepower this light is very small; it casts a faint golden glow on the tiles of the cloister roof on which it falls.


For over 100 years someone in Silent Unity has been in prayer. In the early morning, throughout the day, through the dark hours of the night, week in, week out, month following month, through years of war and peace, through depression and prosperity, for over ninety years -- prayer!


Today, in the room at Unity Village where the light is kept burning, this vigil of prayer goes on.

From the moment a message is received, it is enfolded in an atmosphere of prayer. Members of Silent Unity join in prayer at 8 a.m. every working day, using the Daily Word lesson for the day. At 11 a.m. workers meet in the prayer room for what is known as the "healing service," where the needs of individuals are taken up in prayer. Members of Silent Unity join again in consecrated prayer at noon or shortly thereafter.


Are you in need of help? Sit down and begin to write, "Dear Silent Unity..." Even as you write the words, you will feel the silent unity of love, the silent unity of those who pray together, the silent unity of God and His children, the silent unity of Spirit that is Silent Unity. Even as you write the words, in your heart and mind the light will begin to glow.


Go to a telephone, wherever you may be, at any moment of the day or night, and call 1-800-669-7729 or email your prayer request to email@www.silentunity.org


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